Hotel Sostenibile:company who helps hotels to be sustainable in Italy

Hotel Sostenibile: company who helps hotels to be sustainable in Italy.

HS is an enterprise who provides service of consultant and organization for the hotel sector, specialized in energy conservation, water saving, waste recycling and sustainability.

The company sprang from the belief of the founder and his collaborators, that a deteriorate ecosystem can lose its attraction especially in the touristic field.

But what do they do?

pick out trends and risks
do public inform and awareness
do training for hotels structures, extra hotels structuress, manager, public administrations, touristic associations
do market researches
create solutions to save power and water, recycle the waste and basically be more sustainable
search funds, public announcements and projects about hotels and touristic sustainability
help to obtain the European ecolabel
realize company programs and sustainable policies
do energetic analysis
do energetic certifications
help the understanding of Tax allowance
do strategic marketing
organize events and promote fair participation

suggest contracts with their partners (TO and ad)

advise about Feasibility studies and  financing searches
make Ecological Restructuring
build Ecological buildings
propose architecture services
propose Engineering services
offer their Ecological assistance.

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