Australian sustainable tourism itineraries

It is a “Megadiverse” country, one of those countries that is home of more than 70% of the Earth’s species. And it is possible to discover this amazing country in a very special way, it is possible to choose an alternative holiday to enhance the appearance of the ecology, the environment and the sustainability.

The routes “Be Different, Be Green” first born from a great love for Australia and the great desire to protect and preserve it. It is a set of products of local suppliers who helps with love and passion the protection of the environment and the knowledge of their beautiful and interesting culture.
The most of these itineraries are wonderful guided walking tours, their aim, in fact is let you breathe the atmosphere of the beautiful Australian cities, among the people of the place, do a lot of photos and discover more curious corners; take you to discover the delicious flavors of local produce and allow you to spend pleasant moments in the company of expert local guides.

The itineraries are also limiting the emission of CO2 with hiking, biking and horseback riding, some examples of the unique experiences is possible to do are: Food Tasting with Guide to the largest market of fresh produce from the Southern Hemispheres in Adelaide, swimming with sea lions in Port Lincoln, discovering the unique fauna of Kangaroo Island, getting up for a trip to Ayers Rock with an Aboriginal guide and food traditions of indigenous peoples, cycling to the idyllic Rottnest Island while you are in Perth.
Explore the the beautiful hinterland of Victoria on horseback, the glamour Melbourne on foot and the paradises of Queensland!
Francesca Pasin can help you organise everything, have a look at some itineraries here:
here are examples of “Australian sustainable tourism itineraries” proposals.

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